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Gymnastics Rings

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TRT®'s gymnastic rings have been designed to offer the great quality you would expect from the TRT® brand.

Ideal for anyone with an interest in Calisthenic, Gymnastics, Street workout, CrossFit, resistance training or even someone simply wanting to gain some functional strength or improve their physique.

These rings are high quality, premium rings with a light feel. Made from solid wood these rings come packaged with a 4.5mx28mm. black straps designed with a steel buckle to hold what ever you throw at them.

Tested to 400kg these rings will withstand all manner of gruelling workouts; whether that’s calisthenics, gymnastics, CrossFit or just all-round functional fitness.

Fully portable, the TRT® rings can be taken down in minutes and are designed to be used anywhere whether it’s home, in the park, or in the gym

Addidtional Info
  • Sold in sets of 2 including Straps
  • Diameter:3cm/1.18in” FIG spec ring for athletes with smaller hands (FIG = International Gymnastics Federation)
  • Firm grip with or without chalk
  • A set includes (2) 2.5cm/0.98inch x 400-450cm(17ft) Heavy Duty Nylon Straps with Buckle
  • High quality birch wood rings,the rings are very sturdy and the bands are pretty strong.
  • TRT® Logo on every wood ring
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