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Magnesium Chalk 3 blocks

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Improve your grip and push your limits.
Dare to seize new heights and master new skills.
Uncompromised grip and confidence will bring you to new heights literally and figuratively whether you’re a rock-climber, ninja warrios, calisthenics athlete or a gymnast.
The chalk create a thin layer of the chalk that increases a contact surface and improves grip, no scent, consists of non-toxic ingredients and can be easily cleaned under a running tap.

3 blocks weight 180g (60g each)

Size: 9cm * 4.5cm * 9cm each block

Additional Info
  • Killer Grip For A New PR: Pro Athletes are taking these personal-sized 60g blocks with them for confident grip during the session, These chalk blocks are made of 100% pure magnesium carbonate to stop slipped grips as well as calluses, and rips
  • Chalk: TRT® gives them enough chalk for months of solid grip on bouldering, monster calisthenics sessions, freestyle and even hand balance, as well as personal records on pull ups (without growing bigger callouses)
  • No More Sweaty, Clammy Grip: Peak District avoided the cheap fillers found on chunky chalk blocks that gum up or turn to powder; Instead you get even coverage and maximum absorption that rubs in well and soaks up moisture to stop sweaty hands, arms, thighs, shoulders (and also feet) giving you safer lifts and cleaner routines
  • Less Dust: The team at TRT® designed this chalk for their own workouts, that’s why they crafted personal-sized chalk blocks with a smoother texture and better consistency than cheap import chalks, so no more clumpy, greasy chalk, or choking in clouds of dust (and strange odors), just great grip and hassle-free workouts.
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